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In fishing, marginal gains make a huge difference to the final outcome, and can turn an average result into a match win.

Pole manufacture is no different – it’s those marginal improvements in construction which create massive performance gains.

Our new UK range have many critical improvements and key features to help you find some of those extra marginal gains to improve your angling

Other new improvements include: -

  • Precise 'feed marker points' on the butt sections help with incredible accuracy of plumbing up and feeding when it’s really needed.
  • EVA nose cones on the number 3 sections help speed up the shipping process; meaning fewer lost fish on the way in, and no tangles on the way out!
  • All kits are pre-bushed ready to be elasticated, and new puller kits incorporate the PTFE puller slots to make stripping elastic simple and smooth.
  • The Slip ‘N’ Slide finish makes shipping in and out a dream, meaning you bump fewer fish on the way in and get less tangles on the way out. Rig control and strike rate is also dramatically improved.
  • Fully compatible with all 'UK SERIES' poles

Have a browse at this fantastic new range of poles and find the one to suit your pole fishing needs, whatever the price: - Poles - Competition | Garbolino UK