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Cookie' as he is known to everyone on the match circuit is a top bloke. He has been about for years and won virtually everything there is to win in modern day match fishing (and also olden days!). Steve is brilliant on product and often comes up with the solution to solving those difficult development issues. Steve is responsible for the development of the Super G Feeder soft glass tips which make this rod so versatile. In fishing he can catch anything that swims and when bream fishing on rivers was all the rage Steve was tough to beat. Nowadays you don't want to draw next to him on carp!

What 'Cookie' has to say: -

"Born and bred and still live in Retford in Nottinghamshire, I started my match fishing career with a match win at six years old on the Chesterfield Canal in the centre Redford on the stretch called cemetery length.  Winning with a tiny weight of 1lb 4oz which included a perch a roach and one chub and I still have the shield today!

I love the big river match scene but sadly it's a thing of the past fishing. I remember fishing 1200 peg matches on the river Witham and the wide Wellend!

I made the switch to commercial venues with the demise of the river Trent and this coincided with Hallcroft Coarse fishery being opened by the Talbot Brothers which gave me a new string to my bow and new direction to my Fishing.

I love the fish at Garbolino Lindholme Lakes and Neil Grantham has created one of the best coarse fisheries in the UK with load of bites to be had even on the coldest winter days. And if I'm honest I could never take White acres out of my favourite place to fish so I guess it's a tie.

I like to make some items of equipment that are not quite right or need some modification or alteration to improve them for my requirements, a good idea can always been approved!!!"


Self Employed Driving Instructor examiner , Angling Coach


White Acres and Garbolino Lindholme Lakes


Fish O'Mania winner
- 7 times Fish O'Mania Finalist
- 5 times Embassy pairs finalist in Denmark
- 2007 Maver Pairs winner
- 2007 Maver British pole pairs champion
- 6 x White Acres Parkdean Masters finalist
- White Acres festival winner
- River Welland Champion
- Runner up in the ultimate league final at Gold Valley
- Runner up in the Avon team champs

Match wins on the Nene, Thames, upper Trent, canals and so many more venues. From the early 90s Steve made his mark on commercial fisheries but natural venues will always be a big part of his fishing career.

Top Tips: 

Always try to use lots of small shots to shot a pole float its better to use 8 number 9 shot than 4 number 8 as it allows you to spread them out over a larger distance to give a natural fall of the bait or close up tight for a quick drop.


1). Even in the best of conditions make sure use the back shot above your float to keep the line straight and direct. It also stops the wind from picking up the line and blowing in back under your pole.

2). When selecting Waggler for pellet Waggler fishing do not always select a standard straight stubby Waggler as sometimes a traditional old-fashioned Waggler will give you most stability and also cast better just to give better presentation for longer in the water.

3). When fishing for lumps down the margins always select a float for the depth required with a thick bristle. This avoids striking at line bites and foul hooking fish as edge fish are often big and can make up a really big weight at the end of a competition.

4). Make sure you have a good selection of top kits and a selection of different grades of Bazookarp elastic, and remember sometimes a softer elastic can land fish  far quicker than extra strong elastic.



Shallow fishing on pole or running line.